Jan 062014

Part of the reason for the formation of the Society for One-Place Studies was to bring OPSers together, and one of the ways we'll be doing that is by promoting a particular project each year that each of our members can work on simultaneously as part of their one-place study. For 2014 that project is the World War One Centenary.

No matter where in the world they are, each of our study places were affected by the war in some way. During the coming year we'll be researching the servicemen from our place, the temporary or permanent gaps they left behind and how our places evolved to cope with that, and what life during that period was like both for those serving and those at home. As well as learning more about how it affected our place, we'll also be able to share our findings with each other and even work together to compare and contrast experiences of World War One.

Some of our members are newbies and will be starting from scratch on that topic. Some are old hands and might already have compiled a great deal of information or even published about it. The Society has provided an Inspiration List and a research template to help members get started, and we'll be using our forum to share research tips and bounce ideas off each other. Watch for our Hangouts on Air during the year about the Project! We're very excited to see what our members learn over the coming year, and see the fruits of their labour published in some form to acknowledge this significant event in our shared history.

Alex Coles

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