Over the course of April we are exploring the studies registered with the Society for One-Place Studies featuring those that correspond to the relevant letter of the alphabet.

What is a One Place Study? That is a fine question and rather than me explain, I will refer you to the Society’s informative website. If you are interested in joining us and /or registering a study we of course welcome you. You can find the joining information HERE.

H is for…

Haddington: We now head back to Scotland to East Lothian. Haddington is in a fairly unusual position in that the area is actually made of twenty seven smaller parishes and is known as Haddingtonshire. The study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies by Lorna who is attempting to build a genealogical profile on individuals in the region and look at the migration of the local population. If your ancestors came from this region, please do get in touch with her.

Haddington Riverside

Hineston: Heading across the Atlantic, we come to the study of Hineston, located in Rapides Parish in the State of Louisiana and registered with the Society for One-Place Studies. The early history of this study is of interest as it is mentioned in the dispute between Spain and the United States during the period of time whilst Texas was part of Mexico, which was something new that I learnt! This informative study is hosted by Carolyn, who can be contacted by email.

Historic Hineston

Hoar Oak Cottage: This study is located in Devon and registered with the Society for One-Place Studies. The Friends of Hoar Oak Cottage are undertaking a fascinating study of a single and now abandoned shepherd’s cottage located on Exmoor. There is an In-Depth Report of the study. There is also a website about the study and a Facebook presence. Whether you have a historical link to the cottage or region, or a wider interest in the study, then do stop by the site or contact Bette for more details.

Hoar Oak Cottage Study

Holywell-Cum-Needingworth: This village is located in Huntingdonshire and the study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies. This study has been underway since 2011 and is seeking to bring together various primary and secondary sources in order to build a profile of this Huntingdonshire village. If your ancestors hailed from Holywell-Cum-Needingworth then get in touch with Peter and see what information he holds about your ancestors.

Holywell cum Needingworth

Homer: We head across the Atlantic for the second time today, to the town of Homer in central New York. Registered with the Society for One-Place Studies the study has numerous goals looking at the genealogical and local history aspect of this early location, which dates from the early 1700s. The study has its own website. The image shown here is copyrighted to Sue who is hosting the study. If your ancestors migrated to Homer from eighteenth century Europe or have lived in the region then please do contact her.

Homer Collage

Julie Goucher, A-Z Challenge Coordinator

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