Apr 282014


Over the course of April we are exploring the studies registered with the Society for One-Place Studies featuring those that correspond to the relevant letter of the alphabet.

What is a One Place Study? That is a fine question and rather than me explain, I will refer you to the Society’s informative website. If you are interested in joining us and /or registering a study we of course welcome you. You can find the joining information HERE.

X is for...

St Francois Xavier: For X, I am being a little creative! We now head across to Canada, to the Province of Manitoba. This study is registered with the Society for One-Place Studies and investigates a small parish brimming with history.

St Francois Xavier is the second oldest Roman Catholic parish from Lake Superior to the Pacific Ocean. Just look at a map to see how vast an area that is! Bishop Provencher established it as a mission in 1823. The study itself is a recent one, formed in 2012 by Lianne who would be delighted to hear from you. Lianne has some ambitious goals for her study and has already gotten a start on her website

Julie Goucher, A-Z Challenge Coordinator

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